We Know Commercial Floor & Upholstery Cleaning Needs 

There’s a difference in residential and commercial. Eagle Cleaning Services knows that commercial carpet cleaning is different in scope and performance. You have special needs and we have the expertise to handle these needs. We service institutions, schools, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, stores, and apartment complexes. We are a reliable commercial cleaning service and we can make your job easier. As experts, we are familiar with the common issues and problems that arise in this tough environment. So, if you have a small job of 1000 SF or large job of 100,000 SF or more, we have the experience, know-how and equipment to get the job done. We specialize in big-carpeted areas, large tile areas, and high-volume upholstered furniture cleaning. We recognizes that Commercial Carpet Cleaning or Office Cleaning requirements are more stringent than for residential. We know our clients need to minimize down time. Also, many clients must have the cleaning done during the off-hours to lessen the impact on their businesses. Eagle Cleaning Services understands the commercial client’s needs. That's why we offer our clients the ability to schedule their commercial carpet cleaning when it is most convenient for them. Weekends and off-hours are often when we work to make it easier on our clients. We are reliable, efficient and hard working. Therefore, we never rush a job. No matter what your work situation, we have a cleaning process that is right for you. Give us a call a call to schedule a no obligation inspection of your cleaning needs.  

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