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Your carpet is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make for your home and it's appearance is just as important as the upholstery or the paint on the walls. So don't just let anyone take care of your carpets. Have Eagle clean and maintain the appearance of your carpet and upholstery. We're specially trained in all types of fibers and have the tools to clean the finest of materials. As you know most carpet cleaning companies will tell you one price, then when they arrive at your doorstep they want to charge you another price. Some of these characters will even charge you to get the spots out of your carpet. In the industry that's known as bait & switch. They bait you in with an unbelievably low priced advertisement only to switch you to a much higher price once they arrive in your home. It's an uncomfortable situation for you, the homeowner. At Eagle, you'll get honest pricing. We'll tell you exactly how much your cleaning will cost before we begin the job. It's honest and it's the way I'll continue to operate and build my business.

Carpet Before                                                      Carpet After

No Carpet Is Absolutely Stain Proof

Some carpets have stain resistant treatments that improve the ability to resist stains and make them easier to clean, but they do not prevent stains. Thus, all carpets require care and maintenance.